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A Nonprofit Music Studio, Video Production and Editing Facility, and kickass Performance Venue in the heart of San Francisco!

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At LoveArt Studios we are dedicated to rekindling the spirit of creativity, open-mindedness, and respect for humanity that have made San Francisco a hub of revolutionary ideas, artworks, and technologies for decades. If you feel like that spirit has been critically endangered by a mindless, soul-crushing pursuit of increasing tech companies’ stock prices, you’re not alone. Join our community and together let’s build a shrine to originality, inspiration, and Love.

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Join a Collaborative Community of Talented, Passionate Artists with like-minded visions, and diverse backgrounds and skills.

Are you a music producer looking for a vocalist or vice versa? Are you a film director looking for an editor? Are you a songwriter looking for an illustrator to design your album cover? You’ve come to the right place.


Keycard Access to Professional Music and Video Production Facilities, Rehearsal Space, Stage/Venue, and Kitchen/Lounge

Use a simple mobile app to book as many hours as you need per month using Music Studios, Video Editing Suites, Cameras, Musical Instruments, and/or Stage Time, all for one low monthly fee.


Expand your Audience through joint marketing and featured performances on our main stage

Gain new Fans at weekly shows/quarterly galas. Conquest the Fanbases of the Community of Artists. Meet Brand Managers looking for Artists to create Marketing Content, Promoters looking to book Live Gigs.


One Stop Shop For Artists

Audio Perfection

Record, mix, and master audio

Video Shoots

Video production & post facilities

Slot Security

Lock in convenient times to use facilities and gear

Live Performances

Produce your own gigs and sell your own tickets

Weekly Concert

Build your fan base at our weekly variety shows

Spread the Love

Network and collaborate with talented, like-minded artists

Check out a similar non-profit performance arts project started by our founders

Sunday Sessions, LA

Meet The Family

Matty Ochmanek

Executive Director

Ritagya Meharishi

Lead Developer, Marketer

Fritz Quattlebaum

Donor Relations

Adam McGrath


Kristen Zhou

Finance Strategy

Nicholas Getty

Artists and Repertoire

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